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  • Robyn Davie

Clico Boutique Hotel

I’m a celebrations person. Christmas, Birthdays (mine and everyone elses), graduations, farewells, welcome backs, Halloween, Easter, Weddings, Engagements, half Birthdays (and once, a quarter Birthday), end of exams, start of exams, the full moon – you name it, and there’s a good chance that I’ve thrown a party for it. So, each year when we celebrate our anniversary come January (the poorest month of the year), Ant and I look for something a little special to do to celebrate together – something lovely and memorable, but that doesn’t involve travelling too far or needing to take loads of time away. So, last week, we decided to spend the night at Clico Boutique Hotel, and it was one of our lovliest celebrations yet.

Clico is one of those Joburg spots that I’ve known about forever, but have never had the chance to visit. If you’ve driven around Rosebank, chances are you’ve seen the signs for Clico, so I’ve gotta say, I was ready to feel like I was slap bang in the middle of Rosebank, a mere 10 minutes drive from my flat. Doesn’t sound like much of getaway, right? But I was blown away by how, from the second we stepped through the front doors, I felt a million miles away from home. The hotel is quiet, luxurious, chic, and incredibly comfortable. But, as always, it was the people that really made the experience for us. We were made to feel completely at home by every member of staff, and despite only spending a night there, we felt so happy and comfortable, it may as well have been our second home.

I loved our room – a classic hotel style, with a GIANT bed (guys, you know how I love my sleep) and a beautiful bathroom with a great big bath and a shower. Each room is kitted out with normal tea and coffee facilities, but don’t expect the run-of-the-mill coffee packets: each room has it’s own Cafetière and delicious, fresh ground coffee – excuse me while I bow down at the altar of coffee. My favourite part of the room, though, was the beautiful balcony view over the pool and courtyard. Nothing’s worst than staying in a room without light (ever stayed in a casino hotel?) and our beautiful room had beautiful floor to ceiling sliding doors onto the beautiful balcony, as well as incredible black-out blinds. So we weren’t kept out of the loop when it came to sunshine status (FYI, it was sunny) but we were also able to have a bit of a sleep in the next day. Luxury.

The highlight of our stay was without a doubt the food, though. Although one of the rooms at Clico is self-catering, I honestly can’t understand why you’d stay there and not partake in the incredible food. As part of our celebration, we got to spend and evening in the award-winning-five-star-oh-so-amazing Clico restaurant, having a 6 course food and wine pairing. The food was so amazing, and the pairings so perfect, that at one point I genuinely thought I might cry from happiness. In fact, I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot to take pics of each course as it came out, so sorry that some of these are clearly half eaten.

And when we woke up for breakfast the next morning, the breakfast food was just as incredible. I was amazed that I could even fit another bite in, but somehow when the food is good, you find a way. In my constant search for the best Eggs Benedict in town, I ordered that, though there were about 100 other things on the menu that I wanted, too. But I was super happy with my choice – glugged down with litres of fresh coffee, and amazing cheese board, and fresh fruit, I was one very satisfied customer.

Then, once breakfast was done, we realised it was probably time that we headed off home and stopped pretending that we weren’t actually just a couple suburbs over – though the staff kept insisting that they didn’t mind if we stuck around past our official check out time if we needed to. I could have happily sat by that lovely pool all day.

If you’re a Joburger looking for somewhere lovely to spend a special night (Valentines Day, perhaps?) or an out-of-towner looking for somewhere chic but comfortable and conveniently located, I can’t recommend Clico enough. We’ve been lucky enough to stay at a lot of wonderful places in the past years, and Clico is one of my favourites for sure.



Thank you to the amazing team at Clico Boutique Hotel for supporting Lucy Sarah.

Interested in staying, or going for a delicious meal? Visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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