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  • Lucy Sarah

Coricraft – Kramerville Superstore

It’s kinda strange when you realise that you’ve moved into a whole new section of your life. For example, I never cared much for furniture shops (my money was always all spent on clothing and stationary) but, since I got my own real adult home this year, I’m suddenly obsessed with furniture because I just want to fill it with beautiful things. Which is why I’m OBSESSED with Coricraft. If you haven’t been into Coricraft just so you can sit on the incredible couches and imagine what they would look like in your tiny Linden apartment, we might not have very much in common after all.

I heard about the new Coricraft Superstore (seriously, the word SUPERSTORE alone is enough to get me excited) and I love what they’re doing because I think it’s a really awesome concept. Based in the Kramerville Design and Decor District, this store is fricken massive – it’s more than twice the size of any other Coricraft in the country. That’s A LOT of couches for you to drool over. But the cool part is the way they’ve designed it – the store is built around a multilevel apartment complex, and it actually has four full in-store apartments that are decorated like real homes. I feel like I’m always walking around people’s houses and thinking ‘OH MY GOD I NEED TO OWN THAT’ but now you can actually do that, and then immediately buy that item in the Coricraft apartments.

The other cool new thing about the new Kramerville store is that you can take your own fabric in, choose a couch, and then they’ll cover it for you. How great is that?! The answer is clearly SO great.

The BEST news, however, is that Coricraft has given me R1,000 to give away to one of you to spend exclusively at the new Kramerville store. YAY!

To enter, all you need to do is:

  1. Like Lucy Sarah on Facebook

  2. Like Coricraft on Facebook

  3. Comment on THIS POST so that I can count your entry :)

I’ll randomly draw a winner on Tuesday July 28th – excited to treat someone to some Coricraft goodies!



Call them on: 011 262 1710 Visit them at: 14A Kramer Road Kramerville Sandton Johannesburg

Mon – Fri 09:00 – 18:00 Saturday 09:00 – 17:00 Sunday 10:00 – 15:00


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