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Falling in love with the Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club

When I was in High School I had this jewellery box the size of my head, and it was overflowing with sparkly things. Necklaces, anklets, chokers, rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets – you name it, I had it in every shape, style, and colour, and you can bet that, apart from a few key pieces that I’d gotten as presents, most of it was pretty cheap and made of plastic. There’s a certain joy in picking up things from cheaper shops and wearing them until the metal inevitably starts to turn your skin green, but fast forward a decade and I have to admit that my tastes have definitely changed – today, you’ll find that my (far smaller) jewellery box is home to more delicate pieces in actual silver and gold, and a lot less bling. Don’t get me wrong – there’s definitely still space in my heart (and on my fingers) for a fun, chunky piece of cheap jewellery, but in reality, I’ve started to see the value in investing in really great items of jewellery that will last you a lifetime – the kind of jewellery that you’ll find at Thomas Sabo.

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Thomas Sabo was actually around the aforementioned cringe-worthy excess jewellery time in my life. My BFFs and I decided we wanted to get matching charm bracelets (nothing quite like being a bunch of teenage girls, right?) and Thomas Sabo was our first choice – even then, the brand was synonymous with quality and having a pretty incredible range of charms to choose from. Testament to their quality is the fact that this charm bracelet has survived the multiple culls of my jewellery box, and still maintains it’s beautiful shine – something I can’t say for the cheapos I’ve bought over the years. I guess that’s why buying quality jewellery is such a fantastic investment.

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here) and it was one of those classic Mpumalanga weekends that seemed to feature all seasons. From a super sunny Friday to a freezing cold Saturday, this necklace is so damn versatile that it goes with any outfit, no matter the weather. I’m obsessed, and I know that it’s going to be a central feature in my wardrobe forever.

I think my favourite thing about the new Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club is that there are so many different charms to choose from, they really are about expressing your own personality. Big, small, vintage, new-age: whatever style you think of, it’s represented. The charm bracelet that my God Mother gave me as a little girl remains one of my most prized possession, and the Charm Club is the perfect way to start a timeless keepsake for you or someone you love! And the best part? They’ve just started selling all their ranges online, with is FANTASTIC news if you’re mall-phobic like me.

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Love Thomas Sabo? Keep your eyes open for a competition I’ll be running with Thomas Sabo tomorrow!



Visit Thomas Sabo to see their collections and shop their beauties online HERE.

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