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  • Robyn Davie

Good Music Fridays

Play these on repeat, forever.

AURORARunning With The Wolves

I first heard AURORA last year when she did the song on the John Lewis Christmas Advert (a cover of Oasis’ Half The World Away). I’ve loved her ever since, and Running With The Wolves is a firm favourite. Like a lot of my favourites at the moment, she’s young (just 19!) but her voice and her unique style have her pegged in my book for big things. Look out for her album, coming out in March.

Andy ShaufJenny Come Home

Look, a guy! Honestly though, I adore this song, and I’m basically obsessed with Andy Shauf. He spent the summer touring Europe last year, and released Jenny Come Home last October. It makes me feel like I’m riding a bicycle in the 70’s, which is a pretty swell way for a song to make you feel.

Beach BabySleeperhead

This sound is so fantastically British to me. It makes me so happy. Like, jump-around-in-your-room-while-getting-ready happy. These guys are really great, and all six of the songs that they currently have on SoundCloud are worth a listen (and a download, and a purchase.) I know that they’ll be playing at ‘Live At Leeds’ on April 30th, so if you’re in the area, go watch them. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Jack GarrattWorry

Jack Garratt has really exploded recently, and I’m not surprised – his sound is awesome. He’s originally from Buckinghamshire in the UK (coincidentally where my lovely friend Emily lives, too) and he’s getting ready to release his debut album, Phase, next month. Moody, soulful, infectious – his music will have you pressing repeat all day long. Watch this space for great things.

Oh WonderWithout You

I’ve saved Oh Wonder for last because I genuinely find it hard to explain just how OBSESSED I am with these guys. They’re from London (MY BEST PLACE) and, starting in September 2014, they decided to write, record, and release one song a month for a year. At the end of the year (on September 4th, 2015) they released all the songs together on one album, which is now currently MY FAVOURITE ALBUM. This new wave of alt-pop is something that I’m really getting into, and the way they sing together gives me goosebumps. If there’s one album you buy, make it this one. Oh Wonder, thank you for bringing wonder into my life.

What’s in your headphones this week?

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