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  • Robyn Davie


Few things make me as happy as good food, and last year when my sister took me to Hashi for dinner for the first time, let’s just say I was pretty darn joyful that night. Since then, it’s become Ant and my go-to for date nights, and one of our very favourite spots in Joburg.

Fast forward a few months, and you can imagine how I basically FLIPPED MY LID when we got back a weekend away to discover that Hashi was moving in to Linden. More than this, it was moving RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my flat. I kid you not. Noone has ever been this happy in the history of the universe.

If you haven’t been to Hashi before, let me give you a little taste (#DadJoke): they sell themselves as Fusion Japanese Food, which is a pretty great description of what you can expect. Though you can expect plenty of fresh fish and seafood like at any good sushi joint, there’s a definite influence of flavor (the family who owns the restaurant is from Venezuela) that brings something completely different to the table. Instead of just raw fish in the form sashimi, nagiri, or fashion sandwiches (don’t worry, you can get those too) there are exciting new variations with sauces, dressings, and cooking methods.

Lucy Sarah and Hashi
Lucy Sarah and Hashi

We were lucky enough to get to have dinner at Hashi this week after they’ve just opened, and I can confirm that the food tastes just as good in Linden as it did in Rosebank. In fact, it might even be better – the new space is light, airy, open and friendly, and the décor remains relaxed and classy. There’s definitely a buzz about the restaurant too, with new customers keen to try the food, and returning fans excited about the new space.

Salmon Kizu

Salmon Kizu

We had Salmon Kizu to start, which is ‘Cream cheese and avocado wrapped with salmon and tempura coat and served on a bed of tartar and Hashi sauce.” I’m not quite sure what Hashi sauce is, but if someone could just hook me up with a bag and insert it straight into my veins, that would be great, thanks.

Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry

For mains my Mum had the prawn curry, which she loved and said wasn’t too spicy – just like she likes it. Ant and I went for a selection of our favourites (from left to right)

Lucy Sarah and Hashi

Special Tiger, Special Dragon, Salmon Skin, Tiger Roll

Special Tiger: Salmon, avocado, cream cheese with dynamite cream and Hashi sauce Special Dragon: Prawn tempura and cream cheese topped with salmon, avocado, and spicy and Hashi sauce Salmon Skin: Crunchy salmon skin, spring onion, and avocado with Hashi sauce Tiger Roll: Salmon avocado, and cream cheese with Hashi sauce

Lucy Sarah and Hashi

To go with all this we had a bottle of white wine and Ant had a couple beers – the drinks menu is thorough and fair, with a good selection, which is always a big gold star in my book.

If you’re in the area and hungry, give Hashi a try – I really don’t think you’ll regret it. You can find them at 32, 7th Street Linden, right next door to my other favourite food spot, A La Bouffe.



Like Hashi on Facebook to keep up with their events, and visit their website here.

View the menu here.

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