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  • Lucy Sarah

Homemade Winter Lip Scrub

I really struggle with dry skin in winter. After showering, I always feel like I’ve gotta use an entire tub of moisturiser to stop my skin feeling like a section of the Kalahari, and even then it’s often still tight and sore. What suffers more than my skin, though, are my lips. Dry lips are the WORST, and I spend most of my time walking around with a tube of super strong lip balm poking out of my pocket because I absolutely hate being caught without it.

It’s no secret that I love wearing lipstick (especially red, especially in winter) but it find it really hard to pull it off when my lips are dry and unhappy and flakey (eww.) So, rather than being a victim, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a way to keep my lips in lipstick-worthy shape all winter, which is why I started making my own lip scrub.

Homemade lip scrub - Lucy Sarah

Lip scrub is basically just a sugary scrub that you can use a couple times a week to exfoliate your lips and keep them nice and smooth. If you can be bothered to search the internet, there are tons of recipes out there, but this is the one that I’ve developed but putting together all the aspects of others that I’ve liked.

You’ll need:

  1. Sugar – I use brown, not too coarse

  2. Honey

  3. Oil – I find almond works best, and it’s full of antioxidants

  4. Vanilla extract (this is just for smell, so totally optional)

  5. Some small containers

Ingredients - Lucy Sarah

There aren’t set amounts with the ingredients – it’s gonna be up to you to see what consistency you like. It’s a good idea to not let it become too runny though, cause you need the sugar to kinda stick together.

Mix the sugar, honey, and oil together in a small bowl. Add a couple drops of vanilla extract if you’d like it to smell a little sweeter, but this is really just personal preference.

Sugary Scrub - Lucy Sarah
Lucy Sarah

Once it’s mixed, you just pop it in a container and store it (out of direct sunlight) for whenever you wanna use it.

Lucy Sarah
Lucy Sarah

I bought these little jars from West Pack and they’re super cheap – only R12 for 6. In order to make the project a little more fun, I also painted the lids with Annie Sloan chalk paint (my FAVOURITE) and left them overnight. Once they were dry, I decorated the lids with a silver chalk pencil and gave them to some of my favourite ladies. Makes such a cute gift.

Lucy Sarah - Containers
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Lucy Sarah
Lucy Sarah - Lip Scrub

Using the scrub is super simple – just put a little bit on the tip of your finger, and gently rub all over your lips. Don’t be too harsh, you don’t wanna hurt your lips, you just want to make sure that you’re getting rid of any dead skin. I recommend doing this twice a week or so.

The rest of the time, just be good with using lip balm regularly, and you’ll be so happy with the results.



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