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Jabu’s Frames

Sometimes I hear friends complaining because one or other of their parents has bought them a present and really just not hit the mark. Not to brag, but I’ve gotta admit, this isn’t really a huge problem for me, because my Mum is almost always spot on when it comes to buying me gifts.

Case and point is the beautiful stag head coat hanger that she bought me for Christmas last year. Having just moved into a new flat with Ant, and having a well-known obsession with stags, this was pretty much the perfect present. I’m utterly in love.

Jabu's Frames

Jabu's Frames

Kamers market in Irene, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise – I can’t think of anywhere better to get your hands on something beautiful, original, and handmade. The store that my beautiful new coat-carrying friends come from is called Jabu’s Frames, and they make everything out of genuine pieces of old pressed ceiling and skirting wood. Pretty, handmade, AND recycled?! I must have died and gone to heaven.

We’ve hung it up near our front door, and it’s become one of my favourite pieces in our flat. It really does excite me when something is both pretty and functional, and the little stags almost seem to greet me when I unhook my hat/jacket/bag every morning.

Jabu's Frames

Go have a look at their website and their Facebook Page. They don’t just make coat hangers – there are also frames and mirrors, boxes, decorations, and loads of other stuff. And if online browsing really isn’t your thing (no judgement here – there’s nothing quite like holding a new sparkly thing in your hand) then you don’t have to worry – just make a little trip to Kamers 2015 Joburg and give them a little visit there.

If you’re not already planning on visiting Kamers Joburg on the 23-27 April, or Kamers Cape Town on the 7-10 May, do yourself the easiest favour and get a ticket. I shall be there with the biggest smile on my face and my paycheque rapidly burning a hole in my pocket – look out for me, I’m the one with the brightly coloured hair.



Jabu's Frames

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