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#JobestTakeover – The JHB Botanical Gardens

Over the weekend I got to spend some time with the wonderful ladies from Jobest and show them some of my favourite spots in Joburg for my #JobestTakeover. Since moving back to SA, I’ve become so passionate about this place, and Jobest has been my first reference when I’m looking for something to do in the city. Need ideas for an awesome place to take your small nephews? They’ve got you covered. Want to take your boyfriend for a romantic meal somewhere cool? Jobest has a whole load of fantastic suggestions.







So obviously I was pretty darn excited when Angie and Anna-Belle asked me to spend a day showing them MY Joburg. Between them, they have four incredibly successful blogs – Angie is the incredible voice behind both Lucky Pony and Tiny Pony, and Anna-Belle inspires me (and thousands of others) with her amazing blog, She Said. Not only are they huge mentors of mine, but they’ve also come to be good friends, which makes me so happy. I feel extremely lucky that I’m getting to share and collaborate and hang out with some of the people I like best in the world.


When I first asked Ant what I should do with Jobest for my takeover, his immediate response was, “Picnic. Obviously.” Of course he was right – picnics are pretty much the most Lucy thing there is. Legend has it that I asked for a picnic party on my 4th birthday, and it’s been that way pretty much every year since. I love being outdoors, and picnics give you an opportunity to get outside and have a great time with your favourite people. In the case of my family, this always means lots of delicious food, a big game of soccer, and crazy amounts of laughter. It’s the best!

Jobest Picnic

Taking Jobest out on a picnic was no exception (okay, there was no soccer, but that’s just because we didn’t bring a ball.) It made me crazy happy to be outside in the winter sunshine eating cupcakes and strawberries and having an impromptu photo shoot. I can’t wait for the next one – I’m planning lots of yummy picnic food and maybe we’ll even let the boys come along.

Jobest Picnic - Anna Belle and Champagne
Jobest Picnic
Cupcakes on Jobest Picnic
Jobest picnic

If you haven’t been recently (or even if you have!) I can’t recommend a trip to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens strongly enough. It’s totally free and so beautiful, even mid-winter. Grab some friends and a picnic basket, and no doubt you’ll have a flippen fantastic time.

Read all about my first takeover over on Jobest now.

Thank you to Angie and Anna-Belle for the best day and for all the beautiful photographs!

Lucy x

Tel: 011 712-6600

Address: Access points in Thomas Bowler, Orange and The Braids roads. The main entrance is in Olifants Road

Anna-Belle and Angie

Anna-Belle and Angie

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