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#JobestTakeover – The Rand Club

Last week saw a bit of drama involving a lost blog post – so though this is late, I still wanted you to see it. Thank you again to the lovely ladies from Jobest for letting me spend the day with you and show you some of my favourite places in Joburg for my #JobestTakeover – it was the best

After taking Angie and Anna-Belle for a picnic in the gorgeous botanical gardens, I wanted to change up the pace a bit. We headed over to the Rand Club in town, which is by far one of my favourite spots in the entire city.


Rand Club (2 of 2)

I love the Rand Club for several reasons. The first is that it’s unmistakably beautiful, with incredible architecture, furniture, and art. The second is that the food, drinks, and people are all wonderful – we often go to their After Hours evenings (open to everyone) and have food at the downstairs bar, and we always end up having the best time. The third reason is my favourite – it’s a place filled with history. And not just the obvious history in Joburg (it’s older than Joburg itself!) but also our personal history – my sister met her fiancé there, and it was in the Rand Club that we first celebrated their engagement earlier this year.


After having a three course delicious roast (R143 a head) we had a tour around from my very brother-to-be, Chris. You have to be a member or a member’s guest (ooh, err) in order to have lunch there, and there’s always someone around who will be willing to give you a tour – the rooms go on forever and ever!

Rand Club (7 of 10)
Rand Club (10 of 10)

My favourite part of the day was definitely the Lending Library (did you know that my mother is a librarian?) and the Main Bar, which is the longest bar in Africa and serves a cracking Gin and Tonic.

Rand Club (7 of 19)

Read the blog post of my second #JobestTakeover from the lovely #Jobest ladies here. Thank you both for the beautiful pictures!

If you’re interested in becoming a member at the Rand Club, visit their website or email Roanne Lloyd on or

Otherwise just keep an eye on their Facebook Page for events that are open to everyone.



Tel: 011 870 4260

Address: 33 Loveday Street, Johannesburg, 2107

Rand Club (1 of 1)
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