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  • Robyn Davie

MBFWJ and Topshop Day 1

Last week I got to spend a few evenings at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Joburg. When I was living in the UK I was lucky enough to report on a few London Fashion weeks, too, and I’ll admit that I was pretty amped to see SA bring it here at home. The shows were incredible (more on that later) but one of my very favourite parts of Fashion Week is discovering other amazing designers and brands who aren’t even showing, just from the other people around you. I love the kind of evening where it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around asking people where they got their clothes.

I was lucky enough to be representing two fab brands, both of which I’m obsessed with. The amazing team over at Topshop South Africa spent a morning with me and helped me put together some looks to compliment the pieces I’d also picked up from Heart & Heritage (more on her later, too.)

I absolutely love what Topshop are doing at the moment – I could genuinely spend every cent of my salary there: every, single, month. There’s no sense that the SA stores are even a little bit behind their UK mother on Oxford Street in London – in fact, many of the pieces I’ve fallen in love with on the UK runways and in the London magazines quickly show up in the SA shops straight after. More than that, they’re being bold and confident about their trend choices, and I love it. If you haven’t had a look around any of their beautiful SA stores recently, do yourself a massive favour and get there pronto. I’m OBSESSED with this Japanese Bomber Jacket that I picked up there for fashion week – so much so that it’s going to get it’s own whole piece. Watch this space.

This is what I wore on day one on MBFW, with the help of Topshop and Heart & Heritage, and I felt like a billion bucks (which is similar to feeling like a million bucks, except better.) Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my other looks too – let me know what you think!



Visit Topshop at Sandton City

Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop

Black Leather Clutch – TOPSHOP Black Suede Skirt – TOPSHOP Japanese Bomber Jacket – TOPSHOP Eloff Grey Top – Heart & Heritage Black Suede Sandals – Forever New

Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop
Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop
Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop
Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop
Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ, and Topshop
Lucy Sarah, MBFWJ and Topshop

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