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I’ve been pretty unkind to my hair over the past few years (read as: I have not been my natural hair colour since I was 16. For a while I wasn’t even completely sure what colour it was underneath.)

The thing is that I love my hair, and I love how it can change my whole look and often represent how I’m feeling. Seems silly, but it’s true. As a result, I’ve been platinum blonde, ginger, blue, green, pink, purple, and most recently grey over the past few years, and I’ve loved it. My hair, however, has not. I’ve been doing some awesome work recently with the lovely people over at Carlton Hair, and they mentioned that I might want to try Olaplex, an awesome new treatment that they’re dubbing ‘insurance for your hair,’ which is quite a flippen statement if you ask me. But I was keen to get my hair into better shape, so I thought I’d give it a try – worst case scenario, I get to have a nice head massage and a blow-dry. Win-win.

Lucy Sarah and Olaplex

The treatment consists of three steps, the first two of which happen in the salon. The best part of Olaplex is that it’s actually designed to be used in conjunction with your colour, especially if you’re going lighter. Seriously, I wish I’d known about this product when I decided to bleach the crap out of my hair last year. Needless to say, I definitely wouldn’t do that again without using Olaplex. Step one, the Bond Multiplier is applied onto your head liberally, and left on for about 20 minutes. According to the Olaplex website, the Bond Multiplier has ‘the highest concentration and is added to the chemical mix by your hairdresser before processing. It penetrates the hairs and rebuilds bonds as they are broken by the process.’ So basically it undoes all the damage done by the bleach, which is amazing. However, if you’re not colouring your hair (like I wasn’t) you can still get it as a standalone treatment to restore damaged hair back to health. Yay.

Lucy Sarah and Olaplex

After this, you take your first trip to the basin, where they wash out the Bond Multiplier (and colour) and apply step two, the Bond Perfector. These names are made infinitely better if you imagine that they’re in reference to James Bond, who in my head has now been multiplied and perfected and is running around the place – excuse the brief foray into the strange world of my brain. Anyway, step two is also left in for about 20 minutes, and is used by the hairdresser to repair any broken bonds leftover from the chemical service. There’s a fair amount of sitting around while you’re at the salon, so be sure to take something to read or charge your phone if you’re as addicted to Two Dots as I am (level 233, somebody please get me a real life. Soon.)

After step two gets rinsed out, you’re all done. As soon as I touched my hair, I could genuinely feel the difference. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t back to virgin hair condition, but it felt (and looked) better than it had in years. Once it had been blow-dried I couldn’t stop touching it, and I’ve noticed a difference every day since.

In my opinion, step three is the really important part. This step comes in the form of a small bottle of Hair Perfector which you buy and take home with you. Once a week, you put it on unwashed, towel-dried hair for about 10 minutes, and then shampoo and condition your hair as normal, and it basically maintains your hair’s health between salon visits. Though steps one and two lay the foundation for the treatment, I really don’t see much point in getting them done if you don’t buy step three, because this keeps your hair in good nick for the rest of the time.

Lucy Sarah and Olaplex

I’ve had the Olaplex treatment done twice now (once before going overseas in November, and then most recently this past weekend) and I plan to keep getting it done every couple of months to give my poor hair a little helping hand – at least for as long as I insist on dying it.

Lucy Sarah and Olaplex

Lucy Sarah and Olaplex




Find your nearest Carlton salon here – tell ’em I sent ya.

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