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  • Robyn Davie

Our Lounge Makeover – The Couch

When we moved into our new flat in the middle of last year, we couldn’t wait to start making use of the incredible space and making it feel like our home. We’ve done a lot of work and have absolutely loved putting our stamp on the space, but we wanted to wait until we had a clear idea of our needs before we tacked the biggest space: the lounge. With huge windows on to the balcony, it’s my favourite spot in the house because of the ample light and fresh air. Plus, we’re lounge people (we entertain here, hang out here, and often work here) so I knew I wanted to space to really reflect us, which is part of why we badly needed a lounge makeover.

The problem, unsurprisingly, was that we didn’t have loads of cash to redecorate the space. Couches, rugs, and decor all cost money – LOTS of money. So at the beginning of the year, we set ourselves a challenge and decided to update our lounge gradually, and on a strict budget. Rather than just going out and buying new things, we would make use of what we already own, upcycle and recycle what we could, and do things ourselves rather than contracting out. At the end of the project, I’m so incredibly amped with the results, and I’m so excited to show you how the room’s looking. You really don’t need to throw money at problems like these – with a little more elbow grease and imagination, you can save a bucket load of cash.

Over the next three days, I’ll be sharing the three major factors of our lounge makeover with you: firstly the couch, then the TV-stand-radiogram-hybrid, and lastly the little details and decor that really pulled the room together.

The Couch

Ant and I have been talking about getting a green velvet couch for, well, basically forever. I’ve always dreamed of getting a proper Chesterfield velvet sofa, but until we win the lottery (or someone feels like giving me a load of cash) we decided the Chesterfield can wait. The couch was the main element of our lounge that needed updating – it was brown, corduroy, and heavily misshapen. But, it was also the most damn comfortable couch on earth. A hand-me-down from our friend Cath, we have basically lived on that couch for three years, and we were reluctant to let it go. Plus, it’s MASSIVE. This is the kind of couch that Ant and I can both sprawl out on, and it actually pretty much stretches the entire length of his ridiculously long legs.

The couch – before

The couch – before

When we headed out to the shops to check what was available, we discovered that getting a couch of equal size would require that we each sold a kidney on the black market. And the couches we could afford were tiny – no room for sprawling at all. So we decided, in line with our lounge-makeover-on-a-budget plan, to look into getting our much-loved couch reupholstered instead. A couple of months back we’d gone to the Linden Market and chatted to some lovely people from Upholstery and Decor in Blairgowrie, and they’d given us a pamphlet which I stuck up on the fridge. I gave them a call, and the owner, Mike, came over the very next day to check out the couch and give me a quote. Super simple, super easy.

The couch – after

The couch – after

Mike was pretty keen for us to go with something a little more practical, like dark grey fabric that could be wiped clean and wouldn’t be totally wrecked by a single drop of juice (jokes, we all know I mean wine.) But, seeing as we were getting our couch reupholstered rather than just buying something from a store, I didn’t want it to look like we’d just bought something from a store. Go big or go home, right? So we headed through to Upholstery and Decor’s showroom in Blairgowrie, where we were able to have a proper look at all our options, and settled on this beautiful Forest Green velvet – the stuff of my DREAMS.

Once we’d paid the deposit, the whole process went super quickly. Like ordered the fabric, collected our couch, reupholstered it, we went and checked that we were happy with it, and then they delivered it back to our house – all within 10 days. We were worried about not having a couch to sit on while ours was getting a makeover, but we needn’t have worried – it was barely gone long enough for us to notice that it wasn’t there. And in terms of price point, by choosing to reupholster the couch we already owned rather than buying a new one, we saved a bomb – and that’s even taking into account that we splurged a little to get the velvet, but it was totally worth it as I’m OBSESSED with this couch.

From the couch

To top it off, I bought four cushions from H&M Home in The Mall of Africa, and I love how the green leaf print pulls everything together. Unfortunately, these cushions are no longer available, but if you haven’t already, you should really really check out their incredible cushion offering. I have a bit of a throw cushion addiction.

What do you think of the look? Think you’d ever go for something like green velvet? Really excited to hear your thoughts.

Watch this space for more info on our lounge makeover on the blog this week!



Interested in chatting to the team at Upholstery and Decor? Follow them on Facebook to see their work, give them a call on 082 922 0078 or give them a visit at 8 Kangnussie drive, 2024 Craighall Park

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