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  • Robyn Davie

Our Lounge Makeover – The Decor and Details

I’ve flippen loved sharing the details of our lounge makeover with you guys over the past few days. I really mean it when I say that I adore this space – I feel like it’s turned into a real representation of our personalities, it’s incredibly comfortable to be in, and I feel completely relaxed when I’m there, which is a pretty great way to feel about your own home. The couch and the radiogram bring so much life into the room, but at the end of the day, I really feel that the decor and details always make the biggest difference in really pulling a room together. For this space I went big on the plants (urban jungle, anyone?) and tried to keep pretty much everything else simple.

The Decor and Details

If you’ve been to my apartment (or probably even if you’ve just seen pictures on my Instagram) then you’ll know that I looooooove a little bit of greenery (read as A LOT of greenery.) Combined with our beaut green velvet couch, the H&M Home cushions, and all the light flooding in through the windows, it felt natural to bring as much life into the room as we could with plants, plants, and more plants. I popped over to Monkey Fountain Nursery to get these awesome white plastic pots, and then added a little bit of colour with yellow metal pots from Mr Price and a random selection of a couple other containers from all over the place.

For the centre of the coffee table (which Ant built for us a few years back, how cool?!) I grabbed a large enamel bowl from West Pack and filled it with succulents for a super cheap centrepiece. I hadn’t actually originally planned to add the white stones, but our cats kept digging the poor succulents up, so it’s actually a deterrent for them more than anything else, but I like how it’s ended up looking, luckily.

One of the biggest changes we wanted to make was the light in the room. I absolutely hate overhead lighting (it’s so damn harsh) so standing lamps are really important to me – they really help warm a room. We were using an old office lamp that we got from my Dad’s company, but to align with the makeover’s new decor and details we opted to get rid of it and build something of our own. Using cables and a lightbulb from Builders Warehouse, Ant built this beautiful new light, which definitely suits the room a lot better. I love how it lights up our wall of heads (there’s something I never imagined I’d write) at night.

Light – Before

Light – After

Light – After

It was a lot of fun finding random containers at charity stores and bargain shops and then just filling them with different succulents and cacti – in fact, I’m pretty sure you could count that as my hobby nowadays.

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What did you think of our lounge makeover? Is there anything you loved, or perhaps something you would have done differently? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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