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  • Robyn Davie

Our Lounge Makeover – The Radiogram

Let’s be honest: I’m an old soul. I love a good night out and a party and a pair of shiny new sneakers, but at my core I’m actually just an old lady who wants to stay at home and rewatch Casablanca on the couch with my cats while sipping on a G&T. Is that too much to ask?! Anyway, the old-lady-syndrome (if it’s not already a thing, it should be) extends into my decor addiction a lot of the time too. For the longest time, Ant and I have been talking about replacing our old TV stand and, as with our couch, we really didn’t want to just go out and buy another stand from the shops. Inspired by my brother Peter and his amazing wife Robyn, who have a large radiogram as their TV stand, we began looking for our own little musical masterpiece a few years ago, and at the start of this year we finally found one that fitted our space and our home perfectly – just in time for our exciting lounge makeover. I’m IN LOVE with this radiogram.

The Radiogram

I’ve blogged about Retrend before – a beautiful classic antique furniture store that specialises in mid-century modern and retro living. And since then, my obsession with this incredible little spot has only continued – hardly a week goes by where I don’t find some excuse to pop in and see what new pieces they have in store. (Plus, it’s conveniently located right next to my favourite coffee spot, Yield, so it’s super convenient.) One of the best things about Retrend is that they’re heavily active on their social pages, constantly putting up new pics of items as they get them, so even if you don’t have time to visit the store in person, you can take a look at what they have available. Larushka, who runs Retrend, is intensely passionate about what she does, has an amazing eye for furniture, and is always willing to try and help you find whatever you’re looking for. So when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw the radiogram of my dreams on their feed, I immediately messaged Larushka to reserve it – after consulting with Ant, of course.

I love that the radiogram is not just decorative, it’s functional too. It makes a beautiful feature in our new lounge, and obviously holds the TV and Playstation perfectly (we’ve actually bought a standing Playstation stand since taking these pictures, which looks even better) but it also provides us with wonderful backing music to our lives whenever we want it to. The radio works perfectly, tuning into stations easily, and the record player makes that most incredible sound. Our newest hobby has now become flipping through the stacks at second-hand record stores. (If anyone knows of any fantastic ones, please let me know!)

A perfect mix of vintage and modern, I really feel that this radiogram is the perfect representation of mine and Ant’s old souls.

Missed my first post about our lounge makeover? Check it out here, and check back tomorrow for the final details on bringing this room together.



Follow Retrend on Facebook and Instagram, give them a call on 011 888 2593 and visit them at:

Shop 2, 64, 6th Street, Linden

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