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Serenity at Work

My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks, and I’m her Maid of Honour. Over the last few months there have been a lot of mornings and evenings that we’ve spent doing wedding prep, which hasn’t been stressful (like everyone warned me) so much as fun (we’ve laughed so much and had such a good time just hanging out and getting girly and excited about things.)

One weekend we decided to amp up the fun even further (calm down, you crazy party animals) by inviting the lovely Sarah from Serenity at Work over to be with us for the morning. If you’re not familiar with Serenity at Work, it’s a fantastic little company that you can hire to travel to you and do beauty treatments. They’re called Serenity at Work but they could really be called Serenity at Work/Home/Wherever you flippen please, because Sarah is so lovely and accommodating and will come to you wherever you are.

We had Sarah join us for the morning where she gave us Gelish Manicures while we organised seating plans, and it was such a treat to have the extra pampering while we were chatting away. The best part is that Sarah is so friendly that by the end she was basically helping us out with all our planning too!

I really can’t recommend these guys highly enough – it’s super affordable and the treatments are amazing – my Gelish lasted a full two weeks before I had to remove it because my nails grow too fast.

Give Sarah a call and get her to come to your home or office – can you think of any better way of spoiling your staff than with a little massage or beauty treatment at the end of the day? *cough cough* Cerebra *cough cough*

Thanks for coming to spoil us Sarah – it was the BEST, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!


Serenity at work Email: Cell: 073 9565 071

Lucy Sarah and Serenity at Work
Lucy Sarah and Serenity at Work
Lucy Sarah and Serenity at Work
Lucy Sarah and Serenity at Work
Lucy Sarah and Serenity at Work

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