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Staying Grey with Davines

I love changing up my hair – this is no secret. When I was 11, my sister (then 18) was highlighting her incredible blonde hair, and I convinced her to bleach the ends of my curls (the original ombre…) and I thought it looked fantastic – sorry, Mum.

For the last five years or so, my hair has been all sorts of colours – platinum blonde, red, black, green, and blue, and I’ve been wanting to jump on the ‘Grey Hair Bandwagon’ for a while now. So I convinced my AMAZING hairdresser Nicci to help me get there, and I’ve been so happy with it ever since. I’ve played up the purple and blue colours on the ends where I used to have a colourful ombre, and I love how it blends with the grey. I’m struggling to imagine what it would be like to go back to brown now – it’s kinda like my outside finally matches my inside (which probably means I’m really just an old lady deep down. I’m cool with that.)

Grey hair

Grey Hair

The problem with grey, obviously, is maintenance. As with most drastic hair colours, it fades so quickly, and too soon you end up with a gross yellowy colour – not a vibe. So I’ve been searching for something to help me keep the grey going, and I was really excited to find Davines’ Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, which are designed for ‘white hair and for hair that has just turned yellow due to bleaching or long exposure to the sun.” It works a treat.

Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s worth mentioning that, in order to get this colour (as with any bright colour) you’re gonna need to bleach the crap out of your hair first. So, the condition may be a little suspect afterwards, and it’s super important to invest in a great masque and conditioner. Before going grey, I’d already been using Davines’ Energising Shampoo (to promote hair growth) and their Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, which is really fantastic and makes your hair feel INCREDIBLE. Definitely worth trying out if you’ve got dry hair.

The Alchemic Silver Range has this lovely purple colour and goes on to your hair really easily – you don’t need to use loads, so it goes far. Once the conditioner is in, I try to leave it on for at least 5 minutes, but closer to 10 if I’ve got the time.

Purple Shampoo
Purple Conditioner

Use the time to wash your face. Shave your legs. Make weird faces to combat the awkwardness of someone photographing you with conditioner in your hair. Whatever floats your boat.

Hair Dye

When you wash it out, your hair feels lush and the gross yellowy bits have been appearing are gone. Throw some hair protection spray on (this is especially important if you’re spending time in the sun) and voilà, you’re ready to head out and play a game of Bridge or attend your weekly knitting circle. No judgement here.

I tend to use The Alchemic Silver Range a couple of times a week, interspersed with my normal nourishing Davines products. I also need to note that, while this is a fantastic maintenance product, it’s not an actual hair dye. You’ll need to use a proper dye if you want to keep redoing the grey – I find that I need to do this about once a month.

Purple Conditioner

I really love the Davines products (they’re natural too!) and it’s super exciting that they’re becoming so readily available in SA. Carlton Hair now stock them in all of their salons, so take a look at their store locations and go get your hair groove on. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Lucy x

Grey Hair
Grey with Davines

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