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  • Robyn Davie

The Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

I get it – you’re not about Valentine’s Day. Believe me, I get it, because neither am I. We’re big on anniversaries and on Birthdays and really just celebrations in general, but somehow with all the adverts and the commercialisation Ant and I have never really made much of a thing about Valentine’s Day. So, I’ve never really worried about Valentine’s Day GIFTS – last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, or otherwise.

But, if I’m honest, I also think it’s a little silly to not take some kind of advantage of the chance to look at your favourite person (or persons) and say, ‘Hey, I think you’re pretty darn fabulous. Thanks for being in my life.’ And while you don’t have to go out and bankrupt yourself buying roses or chocolates or heaven-forbid a giant teddy bear that sits around your house awkwardly forever, there are lots of ways to embrace the feast of St. Valentine and spread some love. But the problem is, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, right? And how the hell are you going to make something special and fun and not toooooo corny when there’s no such time for that kind of brainwork, right?


My amazing friend Kath told me about this beautiful DIY gift idea last year, and I’ve been a little in love with it ever since because its:

  1. Super easy to make

  2. Super inexpensive

  3. Super customisable

Which, if you’re me, is the golden trio of DIY. The best part? You can probably get everything thing you need from your local supermarket on your way home, and then you’re gonna be rolling in the brownie points for being so lovely and thoughtful tomorrow.

You’ll need:

  1. A frame of your choice (I got mine at Mr Price Home for R60)

  2. Some nice card/paper and a printer (I just bought some white card from CNA)

  3. Whiteboard markers (This 3 pack was also from CNA and came it at R45)

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

THAT’S IT. Told you it was crazy easy, right?

Print out a sentence on the card that you can complete, frame it up, and then wrap the frame with the markers inside so that you can wipe it down and change the message whenever you like. Don’t be afraid to play around with some pretty fonts – but Comic Sans is unforgivable, so don’t forget that.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ve gone with ‘I Love You Because…’ but really, the options are endless. Use your brain (okay, sorry, there is a little brainpower involved…) and you can come up with something fun – or, even better, something that’s specific to you guys.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

My favourite part of this gift is that it really does keep on giving… Throughout the year we have all sorts of different ridiculous messages written on the frame, and it’s like finding a new present every time one of us wipes it off and writes something new.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

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Happy Valentine’s Day you cheeky animals!



Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

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