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  • Robyn Davie

Wedding Talk on Lucy Sarah!

Yesterday marked five months since I got to marry my very best friend in the world, and I think the dust has finally settled a little from all the craziness of the day. When we got engaged in March of 2017 we made the choice together that we would plan our entire wedding ourselves, that we would DIY a lot of its elements (true to Lucy and Anthony style!), and that we would do it all in under 9 months. The result? A lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and one of the very loveliest days of our lives. I wouldn't have done it any differently! Five months, countless questions, and a lot of hindsight later, I've decided that I'll be sharing our thoughts and experiences of planning for our special day with all of you. After all, what is knowledge if not shared, right?! From the dress to the venue, from how we made decisions to what we prioritised, from DIY tutorials to photos and videos, I'm going to be sharing the wedding love. So, if you're planning your own wedding and have any questions, or if you're just curious about some aspect of our day, let me know! I'll be doing my best to cover all of your questions over the next month. Can't wait to share it with you all! Lucy x

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